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50g PTFE powder lubricant for cycle chain hot waxing - 3 Micron

50g Micronised MoS2 foil pack - Molybdenum Disulphide dry lubricant

25g Nanoparticle hBN - Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder - 70 nm APS foil pack

40g 0.6 micron APS Micronised WS2 - Tungsten Disulphide - powdered lubricant

Four Powder Lubricant tins WS2 x 10ml , MoS2 x 10ml , hBN x 10ml and PTFE x 10ml

85g PTFE Lithium Grease for Robots and 3D printers

Hagen Automation Silicone oil 50ml white background

MOLY oil lubricant for 3d printers and industrial robots