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Advanced technology demands quality lubrication

To achieve accuracy, durability, efficiency, precision and power you need the right components. Selecting the correct high technology lubrication is the key to unlock performance gains. That what we do.

Technology Optimised.  

Single compound dry powders, oils and greases, with components sourced from trusted suppliers with the utmost regard for quality.

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Advanced Technology Lubricants

17.5g PTFE Lithium Grease for Robots and 3D printers

hBN hex boron nitride nitrobor powder lubricant for high temperatures

Hagen Automation Silicone oil 50ml white background

PFTE Powder lubricant 50g Hagen Automation for chain waxing Blue foil pack on white background

Dipwax full system kit from hagen automation cycle chain full immersion clean and lubrication

dipwax cold dip chain wax foil pouch 250ml bicycle chain lubricant for all cycle types and all conditions

dipwash- dipwax cycle chain cleaning fluid 250ml

dipwax top up liquid cycle chain wax drops 20ml

WBR PTFE and WS2 Tungsten Disulphide, our best Cycle Chain Wax additive

WS2 powder

MoS2 powder lubricant molybdenum disulphide or disulphide

Wolfblood Racing Engine Oil Modifier

WBR Bearing Grease - Tungsten Disulphide - Lithium Complex -85g

WBR Chain Wax & Additive 250g + 30g

25g 0.6 micron APS Micronised WS2 - Tungsten Disulphide - ultra performance powder lubricant

85g PTFE Lithium PTFE Grease for Robots and 3D printers