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Hagen Automation

Pro Chain Wax


Highly refined paraffin wax specifically for hot waxing cycle chains 

Paraffin wax selected specifically for hot coating cycle chains providing protection from wear and corrosion. The right paraffin wax for chains.

  • Long lasting - reapply at around 400k - ideal for longer rides
  • Increased transmission of power - gain watts at the wheel
  • Corrosion resistance in tough conditions
  • Prolongs chain, cassette, derailleur and crank component life 
  • Clean and slick - no calf tattoos - no grit buildup 

Application guidance:

Wash new chains, ideally three times, in solvent to remove the factory coating

We recommend the use of a cosmetic wax pot for temperature control however our pouches allow you to melt the wax on the hob in a 'Bain Marie' (saucepan full of water!). Saving the need for extra equipment and reducing cleanup.   

PTFE, MoS2, WS2 or other friction reducing additives may be mixed in 

Use a piece of wire or tie wrap to agitate the chain in the wax bath and hang the chain over the pot as it cools. 

Optimal temperature for application around 72C

Do not overheat wax for prolonged periods

Other information:

No harmful chemicals, environmentally low impact, refining history fully traceable, no residual solvents, vegan, not tested on animals, ultra pure, UK made


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