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Hagen Automation Ltd

dipwash- dipwax cycle chain cleaning fluid 250ml


dipwash makes easy work of washing cycle chains. dissolving factory coatings, waxes, oil lubes and dry lubes. Low odour, low VOC and biodegradable - dipwash saves time, money, and a tiny piece of the planet.

To use, simply remove your chain, place it in the pouch, seal, shake and leave to work, shaking every now and then to remove stubborn deposits. 

Remove the chain slowly allowing excess and any debris to be left in the pouch. The chain will air dry very quickly and be ready for immersion in dipwax in a matter of minutes. 

dipwash can be reused several times - depending on how bad your chains are. dipwash can also be filtered (using a coffee filter paper works well) to extend its usefulness.   

Our pouches are fully recyclable and dipwash is biodegradable. 

Dipwash can also be used in ultrasonic machines 

Part of the dipwax system   ---- dipwash - dipwax - top up



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