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dipwax - the easiest way to gain wax chain performance - cold chain wax


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the dipwax system provides performance of waxing without the faff
eco friendly, safe and fast without the fuss or equipment 
What is it?
The system is in 3 parts: dipwash, dipwax, and top up
dipwash fluid  
dipwash is a eco friendly solvent based degreaser and cleaner that cleans cycle chains quickly and easily. Biodegradable, clear and easy to use.
dipwax cycle chain wax
dipwax is an air drying, liquid wax emulsion designed for lubricating cycle chains. Formulated with carnauba leaf wax - renowned for its excellent lubricity and durability. This is emulsified using industry leading technology to a water base. Additional friction reducing modifiers ensure a smooth ride.
dipwax top up
dipwax top-up is a small, portable bottle of dipwax liquid, ideal for topping up your dipwax coating quickly and easily. 
How do you use it? 
Remove your chain from your bike using the quick link.
dip your chain in the dipwash pouch - seal, shake and let dipwash do its work.
We have found dipwash to be very much more effective than traditional cleaning fluids, detergents or even harsh solvents. You will see the results! Once the chain is clean slowly remove from the pouch and allow the chain to dry.
dip your chain into the pouch of dipwax - seal and shake it for a few minutes.
Remove it slowly and let the excess run back into the pouch. Let the chain dry before fitting. Quick link chains makes this the easiest way to fully lube your chain.
top-up you chain with dipwax top up - as you wish.
  • dipwax leaves a clean and tough 360° wax coating that penetrates chain internals fully - like a hot wax but without the fuss.
  • dipwax is eco friendly with minimal packaging. Our pouches use just 10% of an equivalent plastic bottle and allow full submersion without the need for extra containers or equipment.
  • less mess = less waste. Excess wax stays in the pouch for next time. 100% coverage with the bare minimum of waste. Why coat your bike and driveway with wasted lube?
  • Water based technology means dipwax is safe and simple use with no harsh solvents, VOCs and no fine powders. We still suggest wearing gloves when dipping and washing your hands straight after use though!
  • Ready to ride. Hot waxed chains typically take a few miles to loosen up even after they have cooled. dipwax is good to go as soon as it's dry. 
  • Cleaner bike, cleaner gears, smoother changes, less power loss, corrosion resistance, hydrophobic, repels water and dirt, greater chain life.
  • Because it is so easy to dipwax we think you will use it more often too! Better chain lubrication extends component life dramatically. 
  dipwax system removing a dirty chain

cold dipwax on a chain coming out of a dipwax pouch

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Dipwax MSDS

Dipwash MSDS