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Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil additive - Release the Beast!

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In the last few years we have developed a few lubrication products. Originally we were looking at greases and oils for our desktop robots. So did some research and found excellent suppliers.

Then, through our own experience, we realised that the 3D printer market was missing both information and sources for lubricants. Using WD40 or 3in1 on the plastic parts of a printer will cause huge problems. Again working with our suppliers and researching the best possible solutions we came up with a complete range of solutions including silicone oil, lithium lubricant, food grade grease, and PTFE, Molybdenum and Tungsten Disulphide powders. 

Then a customer asked the question about our Tungsten Disulphide powder... Could it be used and an engine oil additive? Well we checked it out and yes, indeed it can and it is an exceptionally good one at that. There are a few very similar products on the market, all 100% Tungsten Disulphide of similar spec. All very high end engine oil friction modifiers. However, due to our excellent supplier ours is both better value and batch certified to guarantee quality.

Now after several months of research and testing we have launched Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil modifier. The branding is to show clearly what it is for, a high tech solution for motor racing (an area where we have a little experience too). Wolf is from wolfram, another name for Tungsten. Blood is because oil is the blood of and engine. Also, it sounded cool and made a cracking logo. 

wolfblood racing oil additive logo

Because there was so much info to go with Wolfblood we launched a new website with resources on uses and technical info. We also worked pretty hard on finding the right packaging, our WS2 tins are great for dusting robot parts but a bit messy for tipping into a can of oil and so we developed our 25g tube packs that treat 5 litres of oil, a standard container.

Wolfblood racing engine oil friction modifier tube 25g

It took a bit of engineering but we are able to get our packaging to within 0.5 gram for accuracy; who knows we may soon market that solution too as accurate low cost powder packaging, it turns out, is hard to find. 

Anyway, that's the story behind Wolfblood Racing, it is great stuff and we have launched it on our ebay and amazon shops. Incidentally we are looking for a racing team or two to help us promote and market Wolfblood so if you race get in touch, we might have some freebies for you.... Happy Racing!!

Wolfblood Racing racetrack picture engine oil modifier tube



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