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Hagen Automation Ltd

5 PACK MOLY oil - tough duty 3D printer lubricant

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MOLY lubricant in silicone carrier oil 30 ml 5wt%

MOLY is short for Molybdenum disulphide, is an exceptionally robust and durable lubricant ideal for high load and high temperature applications and stable up to 350 degrees centigrade even in oxidising environments. Moly is also works well with plastics, increasing their strength and is used in self lubricating engineering plastics. MOLY will keep on working even after other lubricants have dried out - protecting parts from wear.

Moly has superlubricity - an unusual and useful property that means that its shear strength actually increases as the coefficient of friction increases - it gets more slippy the worse the conditions. With a co-efficient of friction of 0.15 MOLY can cope with harsher conditions and higher temperatures. Please note as MOLY is very dense it falls out of suspension - shake the bottle to make sure MOLY is dispersed through the silicone carrier oil

Material Safety Data Sheet download here 

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