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Wolfblood Racing

Wolfblood Racing Engine Oil Modifier


Wolfblood Racing Advanced Engine Oil Modifier is super refined powdered pure Tungsten (Wolfram) Disulphide (WS2) - One of the slipperiest substances on the planet. Unlike fluid additives this is 100% active ingredient powder giving you a known 5g per litre of modifier and no cheap filler.

Developed for NASA space probes Tungsten Disulphide is far superior to Molybdenum, Teflon or other high grade engine oil additives with a lower (better) coefficient of friction. This ultra refined Tungsten Disulphide adheres to metals within the engine providing a highly durable, sub micron, low friction layer that makes engines run smoother, cooler and with greater efficiency.

The metal bonding effect protects parts from start up and prolongs the life of components with a layer that can withstand 300,000 psi of pressure. The APS (Average Particle Size) of 0.6 micron is so small that it flows through oil filters. Has a cumulative protective effect over time and lasts beyond the next oil change. Works with both diesel and petrol engines. Can be added to gearbox oil too!

Put some Wolf into the life blood of your engine and lead the pack!

Cautions: May effect wet clutches on motorcycles and friction materials in automatic gearboxes. Wear gloves, do not inhale.

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