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Hagen Automation Ltd

Mjolnir Tools Window Seal Oil


Silicone oil for lubricating rubber window seals both household and automotive.

Absorbs into rubbers and soft plastics to rejuvenate and lubricate.

Ideal for stuck sunroofs and car windows. Eases window rubber installation. Reduces and helps prevent embrittlement and ageing of rubber. Improves flexibility. Improves sealing performance while reducing stickiness and friction.  

20ml dropper bottle ideal for precise application

Silicone oil is very safe - non flammable, non toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Non reactive, non corrosive. Does not contain any petroleum products that can cause some plastics to melt or become gummy over time. 

Viscosity: 350 CST 

Free UK 1st class postage, ships worldwide.

Material Safety Data Sheet download

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