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Hagen Automation Ltd

5 PACK Silicone Oil for desktop robots and 3D printers

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The best lubricant for many gears, bearings and wheels on desktop robots, 3D printers and other machines. Supplied in 50ml squeezable bottle with fine point nozzle with a safety cap in a sealed package. Ideal for Open-builds V-slot wheels as used on many cartesian 3D printers. Also plastic/metal connections such as joints on delta robots/3D printers. Professional product, keep out of reach children, please read the MSDS (available on request). Silicone oil is long lasting and prevents corrosion by forming a protective layer on metals. Very fluid formulation for excellent coverage and penetration. Does not contain any petroleum products that can cause some plastics to melt or become gummy over time Also well suited to lubricating locks and treadmills. CAUTION: Keep silicone oil away from end stop switches and other electrics and electronics as it is not conductive and it will insulate contacts

Material Safety Data Sheet download 

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