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Four Powder Lubricant tins WS2 x 10ml , MoS2 x 10ml , hBN x 10ml and PTFE x 10ml

  • PTFE - aka Teflon - Micronised - high purity low friction, very slippery an clean. 3 Micron 
  • hBN - hex Boron Nitride - Nanoparticle - Extreme temperature ceramic lubricant also called "White Graphite" Ideal low friction bullet coating 70nM
  • MoS2 - Molybdenum Disulphide - the gold standard for metal lubricants - withstands high pressure 1.5 micron
  • WS2 - Tungsten Disulphide - Latest technology super low friction lubricant. Lower friction than even PTFE 0.6 micron

Four x 10ml tins of lab grade, high performance powder lubricants. PTFE, HBN, WS2 and MoS2. Ideal for testing in engineering applications including 3D printing, robotics etc.

PTFE is water resistant and ideal for low temperature, clean applications such as cycle chain waxing, lubricating plastics etc.

hBN is the extreme temperature nano ceramic lubricant that is ideal for high temperatures such as coating bullets for competition shooting, metal forging and casting. It is also a clean lubricant, white in colour and non reactive.

Molybdenum Disulphide or MoS2 is the gold standard engine oil and grease additive. It reduces wear and easily handles high temperatures and pressures.

WS2, Tungsten Disulphide, is similar to MoS2 but gives even lower friction. It also adheres in a half micron thick coating to metals meaning parts stay lubricated even in total oil loss conditions. WS2 was developed for Nasa space probes and is used in aerospace, F1 and other high end, mission critical applications.

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