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Dipwax Hot Chain Wax with PTFE 250g


Dipwax chain wax is a meltable paraffin based wax with PTFE and other additives that gives a super clean, smooth ride. 

The foil pouch allows melting the wax in the pouch in a bain-marie removing the need for any fancy equipment and greatly simplifying cleanup. We've even made it smell nice! 

Place the foil pouch in a Bain-marie (or place the wax into a wax melter or crock pot) and heat gently until the wax is completely molten. Thread a clean chain onto the hook and immerse in the wax carefully. Agitate to ensure wax and additives are fully distributed into the links of the chain. 

Remove the chain slowly and allow to cool before freeing off links then reinstalling. 

Wax can be re-melted many times and is enough for several treatments. Rewax after 1000km depending on conditions. Wax can be topped up with Dipwax top-up.

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