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Hagen Automation Ltd

20g tin 1.5 Micron MoS2 Molybdenum Disulphide

  • High performance dry lubricant - long lasting high pressure high temperature resistance
  • Add to oils and greases at between 2% and 15% by weight to add durability and stability
  • Great for engine rebuilds and other demanding applications - very stable chemistry
  • High Temperature Performance - Stable up to +400C
  • High Pressure Performance - Stable up to 250,000 PSI

Molybdenum Disulphide is the active component in many advanced oils and greases often referred to as Moly. MoS2 has a hexagonal crystalline structure similar to graphite, WS2 and hBN lubricants. One of the most studied of this type of lamellar compound it has high thermal, mechanical and chemical stability. Having excellent lubrication in moisture free environments up to 400 degrees C and pressures up to 250,000 psi. MoS2 has superlubricity at high pressures making it even slippier under pressure. Environmentally stable and practically inert. Our high purity, super refined micronised Moly powder has an average particle size of just 1.5 micron allowing it to pass through oil filters and get into microscopic surface imperfections. Use directly or as an additive with greases. 

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