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17.5g PTFE Lithium Grease for Robots and 3D printers


Premium, Synthetic, Lithium based PTFE reinforced formulation.

Thick NGLI 2 specification - Ideal for Z axis lead screws on 3D printers

Excellent thermal stability. PTFE reduces wear and friction. Ideal for metal on metal sliding contact such as lead screws. 

Resists shock loads, extends component life, reduces machine noise, reduces loading on motors

Less chance of missed steps in open loop systems 

High load carrying capability

Prevents corrosion

Smoother movement makes better prints

Suitable for bearings and many applications beyond robots and 3D printing

For best results on Z axis screws make sure that surfaces are clean before applying (If heavily contaminated clean with isopropyl alcohol and dry).

For Z axis apply directly to the threads of the lead screw, a thin line running up the thread will work well. Move Z axis up and down repeatedly to ensure even coating.

Do not "overgrease" - a thin, even covering is all that is required - remove any excess to prevent fling and contamination.

Operating Range -50 to +220 C


Dropping point (IP132) >250 C

Shell 4 Ball (IP 239)

Weld Load 355kg

Load Wear Index 68kg

Copper Corrosion  (IP112) Pass

dN factor 750,000 

Please note that for ball-screws, linear rails and linear bearings of the LM8UU type we recommend using use our Lithium 00-EP lubricant 


Material Safety Data Sheet Download 

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