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5g (10ml) Nanoparticle hBN - Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder - 70 nm APS

  • Nanoparticle hBN (hexagonal Boron Nitride) powder - 70 nanometer average particle size
  • Also know as white graphite - excellent lubricating properties
  • Can be mixed with other oils and greases to act as a fortifying, friction reducing additive
  • High Temperature - Up to +1000C - Ideal for forging, glass manufacture,titanium forming extrusion etc
  • Electrically insulating - practically inert - used in jewellery making, aerospace, automation
  • Used as a bullet coating to improve accuracy and barrel life 

Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder is an exceptionally high temperature lubricant. The hexagonal crystalline structure is similar to that of graphite but has the benefits of extreme temperature and pressure resistance, excellent chemical stability, and low co-efficient of friction. hBN is inert and non toxic and is used in the manufacture of some cosmetics and dental cements. However the because of the extremely small particle size this nano powder is irritating to eyes and respiratory system. For a wide range of engineering, automotive and other lubrication applications. Ideal for ceramic bearings where low friction and high temperature resistance is paramount.

Apply to bearings, sliding surfaces and other moving parts on engines, robot gearboxes, 3D printers and automotive. Can be used to reduce noise and increase life span of gears etc. Use directly or as an additive with greases or oils or waxes for chains. Supplied in 10ml tin free post in the UK, +£3 international. 

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