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dipwax - cold dip cycle chain wax 250ml


dipwax Carnauba Wax Emulsion is a new type of chain lubricant combining the performance of hot chain waxing with the convenience of standard chain lube.

  • 360° coverage and penetration 
  • Safe - Eco friendly and economical 
  • Minimal packaging and minimal waste 
  • Clean and Dry - you and your bike stay cleaner
  • Repels water giving enhanced corrosion protection
  • Naturally high performance Carnauba wax 
  • Solvent free water based technology 

Full immersion ensures the chain is coated completely including the narrow gaps between the chain rollers. A level of protection and lubrication that is impossible with squirted lubes. Cold wax technology means no need for slow cookers and burnt fingers. The process is quicker, cleaner with less paraphernalia. Our packaging is lighter and uses less plastic than bottles. Excess dipwax is retained meaning you get many dips with less waste and pollution.    

For best results: 

  1. Remove chain and clean thoroughly with dipwash chain cleaner
  2. Dip your chain in the pouch - seal and shake for 5+ minutes 
  3. Remove the chain slowly allowing excess to run back into the pouch 
  4. Dry the chain before refitting - ideally in a warm place for approx 1 hour
  5. Fit the chain - wash with detergent and use dipwax top up regularly and re dip at around 500km 


Part of the dipwax system.... dipwash - dipwax - top up

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