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dipwax system kit - the full immersion chain system


Its not just what you’ve got - it’s how you use it!

Completely dipping your chain is faster and more effective, for both cleaning and lubricating. 

Quick link chains make it it easier and simpler to remove a chain for cleaning and lubricating. 

The dipwax system is the first to make best use of this. 

  • Complete penetration 
  • 360 degree coverage and protection 
  • Efficiency - Minimal waste, fuss and effort. 

Both the cleaning and lubricating components are industry leading and are developed for dipping.

Dipwash cleaner is based on aerospace technology. A very specific low-volatile solvent with massive cleaning power and yet dries to a zero residue finish.   

Dipwax is water based wax lubricant using carnauba wax and friction reducers - dries to a durable, clean, dry coating. No mess, no fuss, no clag buildup.  

Both components have been developed to have a minimal ecological footprint - maximum performance, minimum waste.

The dipwax system kit comes with:

  • dipwash cleaner 250ml pouch
  • dipwax chain lube 250ml pouch
  • dipwax 20ml top up lube 
  • nitrile gloves 
  • stickers
  • intro guide

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