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Ultimate Speed Grease 20g


Developed to be the ultimate grease for performance 'Ultimate Speed Grease' is a combination of a PAG; polyalkylene glycol a fully synthetic, water resistant and highly shear stable grease with WS2; Tungsten Disulphide, one of the slipperiest and most durable substances available.

Ultimate Speed Grease is a NLGI 00 viscosity grease, meaning it is of runny consistency designed for sealed and semi sealed applications where low stiction and rolling resistance is required.

Ultimate Speed Grease is also suitable for a range of other applications where ultimate low friction performance, service life and durability are required. Ideally suited to metal on metal high speed applications it easily handles a wide range of temperatures from below -40ºC to +200ºC with the WS2 component providing protection to over 600ºC. 

PAG has superior film strength compared to PAO and other fluids - protecting gears and bearings. As well as being the longest lasting and lowest friction grease type PAG has the additional benefit of being bio degradable with minimal environmental impact compared to other greases.

Note that PAG lubricants may not be compatible with PAO or mineral based lubricants - mixing lubricant types can lead to separation and reduced efficiency - always clean system components when transitioning between different lubricant types.

20g tube

Please see MSDS before use (link opens in new window)

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