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Hagen Automation Information

Contact Information

+44(0) 7739 854 883

Greybern House, Templars Way, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire,

MK441PY United Kingdom

Material Safety Data Sheets 

MSDS are found on product pages and are also available by request via email and should be referred to before product use. 

We endeavour to ensure our products are as safe as possible to use for both end user and the environment. Applicable PPE should be worn. Generally this includes the use of nitrile gloves for all lubricant products and FFP2 / KN95 masks or equivalent for powder products. 

Warranty and Returns 

Products unless otherwise specified come with a 1 month return warranty.

For orders via portals such as Amazon or Ebay please use their respective  returns process. But please do let us know if these fall down!

If a product has be returned to us, please contact us first. Please pack carefully ensuring it is fully sealed and safe to send. Please include a notes regarding any issues.

Products maybe returned unopened, within the return period for a refund for the purchase price not including shipping.

In the event a of a manufacturing or delivery issue we will refund return shipping and replace the product. 

Statutory and distance selling rights are not affected. 

Environmental Policy

We are conscious of our environmental obligation and endeavour to continually reduce our impact. Wherever possible we utilise local suppliers and those with excellent reputations and quality control. We look to be sure that all our products meet the strictest global standards for safety and emissions.

We apply the reduce > reuse > recycle principal to our operations and employ eco friendly, sustainable and low impact products, packaging and shipping wherever possible.