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WS2 Oil ultra performance lubricant for 3D printers 50ml

Hagen Automation Ltd

WS2 Oil ultra performance lubricant for 3D printers 50ml



50 ml 5wt% Tungsten Dioxide in Silicone Oil

WS2 is short for Tungsten Disulphide. The king of lubricants with a coefficient of friction of just 0.03 - far better than even PTFE. This coupled with an astonishing melting point of 1250 degrees centigrade and load bearing up to 300,000 psi WS2 is exceptionally effective over a very wide extremes of temperatures and pressures.

WS2 is, frankly, expensive and so is not widely used in commercial lubricants but is used in space and military applications, formula 1, aerospace, robotics and 3D printing. Where low friction is paramount, there is no better lubricant available.

Please Note:

Tungsten Disulphide is very, very dense and so settles out of the carrier oil. Please shake the bottle vigorously before application to ensure that consistent application is made. 

Silicone Oil is non-conductive of electricity. Make sure that you do not get any on end stops or other switches. 

Hagen Automation range of lubricants for 3D printers, industrial robots and other precision mechanical devices. We use silicone oil as a base as it is very stable even under high pressures and temperatures. Although it is more expensive than many hydrocarbon based oils we also prefer it as it is odour free, colourless and is not carcinogenic. Our high grade silicone oil is very fluid, penetrating into complex mechanisms with ease. Our nozzle tip bottles allow precise control of application

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet here 

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