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WBR Bearing Grease - Tungsten Disulphide - Lithium Complex -85g


Wolfblood Racing ultra low friction BEARING GREASE is a UK made EP2 NLGI2 Lithium Complex grease lubricant with high percentage of WS2 (Tungsten Disulphide). 

Optional mini Grease Gun for easy and precise application 

Formulated specifically for cycle bearings such as wheel bearings, head races and bottom brackets this is a long lasting, protective grease that has excellent stability. What really sets it apart is the Wolfblood Racing WS2 additive which has one of the lowest friction coefficients of any substance. This protects against wear and reduces frictional losses. 

Being an exceptional high load, low friction grease makes WBR BEARING GREASE useful in broad range of mechanical applications from automotive to robotics - wherever extreme performance is needed.  

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