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17.5g Lithium 00 EP Lubricant - Low viscosity grease for linear rails, ball screws and linear bearings


Low Viscosity Semi Fluid Grease

Made to meet or exceed the specifications of ball screw and linear rail manufacturers, this is a premium quality lithium based grease incorporating Extreme Pressure (EP) additives.

Ideal for linear rails, linear bearings and ball screws including Hiwin, IKO, NSK and others. Applications include robot arms, CNC machines, 3D printers and other machines. Please check manufacturers' guidance for suitability, service intervals, quantities and lubricating instructions. 

NLGI 00 grease is also used on cycle bearings to lower bearing drag. While slightly over specified this grease is good for that application too!

NLGI 00 (double zero) grease is semi fluid giving less stiction and low rolling resistance which is especially suitable for open loop control systems used on 3D printers and smaller CNC machines.

It is very important to use the correct type of lubricant on linear rails, ball screws and linear bearings of the LM8UU type as they have low rolling bearing loading - PTFE and other low friction additives can cause bearings to slip rather than roll causing premature wear. This is especially true in light load applications such as 3D printers.

  • Excellent mechanical stability with high load and shock load resistance
  • Excellent oxidation stability and corrosion protection
  • Normal Operating Temperature -30 to +110 C

17.5 gram tube for easy, precise application

Manufactured in the UK to our specification 

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