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EU Shipping Brexit Covid etc....

UPDATE 30 December

We are still shipping within the UK and to Europe and the rest of the world. We have good stock levels in the UK - both with Amazon and at our base. While The Royal Mail is congested and there are some delays we are still posting out every day and the majority of deliveries are still being made on time.

With regards to sales to Europe, our best guidance is that sales until midnight on the 31 December are to be treated as they have been and there will be several days where shipments are not looked at for VAT/duty if the sales went through before the deadline. After that time, VAT will be payable by buyers on shipments with a total value of over €22 Euro.


From now on all international shipments including Europe will come with a CN22. We will bring in prepayment options for VAT (in the same way that Ebay have for Australian sales) as soon they become available. 

For the moment we have paused sales on European Amazon marketplaces,and are looking at the best way to restart on these platforms.

While we can assume there will be significant disruption hopefully shipments will still make it through in a timely manner. 

Thank you for your patience and stay safe!

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