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3D Printing Service

We have been running 3D printers for a few years and have machines working full time making our own products.

Given the demand for 3D printing services we are now opening up our design and print facilities. We can take your ideas, sketches, 3D models and old existing parts 3D model and print them. There is also a huge range of models online that we can print for you. Check out Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory to see the many millions of possibilities.

Ideal for prototypes, tooling, one offs and short production runs. 3D printing offers a low cost, flexible and accurate way of making things. Indeed complex shaped and internal structures that would otherwise be impossible are easy to 3D print.  

We have industry standard Fused Filament machines. These melt plastic threads and build up layers. Our current maximum print size is 400 x 400 x 400 mm. We typically make parts in PLA plastic, but can run PETG, ABS and various other materials. Contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.


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