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Collaborative robot JAKA Zu7


The JAKA (Just always Keep Amazing!) Zu7 is a next generation collaborative robot. With 7kg payload and 814mm reach the Zu7 is highly adaptable to a wide number of applications. 

The Zu7 is designed to be simple and safe to use. Rather than programming the robot is simply taught by example - quickly and easily. More advanced functions are taught using a logical graphic interface - again no programming experience needed! Being a force sensing collaborative robot the Zu7 is designed to work safely without guards or barriers. This saves time and money and is ideal for manufacturers that demand flexibility.  

The Zu7's control system comes with a built in I/O interface with 8 digital inputs, 8 Digital outputs and 8 analogue channels that can be inputs or outputs. This makes connection to grippers, sensors etc quick and easy. 

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