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Hagen Automation Ltd

50ml Micronised PTFE - powdered lubricant for 3D printers, pianos, cycling etc use powder directly or as an additive to oil or grease for super low friction. Super refined grade.

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  • Micronised PTFE powder - highly refined powdered lubricant for many applications
  • Can be applied directly with a small brush to parts needing lasting lubrication
  • Can be mixed with other greases to act as a fortifying, friction reducing additive
  • Super low friction PTFE works over a wide temperature range -240C to +240C - practically inert
  • Many uses: 3D printer lubricant, bearings in cycling, motor racing, lubricating piano parts (knuckles), hinges, locks and mechanisms

Super high grade refined PTFE (AKA Teflon) Powder. For a wide range of engineering, automotive and other lubrication applications. Apply with a brush to Piano Knuckles to improve feel and playability. Apply to bearings, sliding surfaces and other moving parts on robots, 3D printers and automotive. Can be used to reduce noise and increase life span of gears etc. Use directly or as an additive with greases or oils on skates cycles, chains etc. Supplied in 50ml screw top tin to keep dry clean and free from contamination.

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