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Used industrial robot stock list ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman and more

This is a list of industrial robots we have for sale. Robots are sold checked and tested by experienced robot engineers. For more details, pictures etc or if you have robots for sale or specific machines that you are looking for including; gantry units, manipulators, turntables, track units, weld units, grippers and other parts please get in contact on

 Make  Model Control Payload Reach Notes Stk Price
Motoman UP20 XRC 20kg 7m x 1.4m with 6m track unit 2 £8,000
Nachi ST166F AX 166kg 2654mm 2012 unused  1 £5,500
Nachi SF155-02 AW 155kg 2534mm Year 2000 colour TPU 5 £4,000
Nachi  SF133-02 AW 133kg 2534mm Year 2000 Colour TPU 10 £3,800
Nachi  SA160F AR 160kg 2597mm 1997 excellent machine 5 £3,000
Nachi SA130F AR 130kg 2597mm 1997 super value 10 £2,800

4 x YA1 


4 x WGE


8kg MIG welding 1796mm 4x  robots with 4 x 7th axis' lot of 4 £25,000
Motoman ES165N NX100 165kg 2651mm low cost NX100 robot 10  £5,800
Motoman UP50N NX100 50kg 2046mm Ideal for machine tending 8 £5,900
Motoman ES200N  NX100 200kg 2651

High payload robot

5 £5,900
Motoman EH80 NX100 80kg 2051 High Speed handling robot 2 £6,000