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Applications for industrial, collaborative and desktop robots

At Hagen Automation we excel in the supply and specification of the latest robots.

With experience supplying new and used industrial robots and robot systems in a wide range of industries around the world. The most popular robot type is the 6 axis anthropomorphic (human arm like) robot.

Typical 6 axis industrial robot applications include:

Welding MIG, TIG Spot and Laser

Handling including palletising and de-palletising and boxing

Grinding, cutting, fettling, finishing, milling etc

Machine tending for CNC, press brakes, plastics, presses

Testing and inspection 

Assembly including screwing, gluing, sealing and fitting

Food and Pharma from bagging spuds handling dangerous isotopes 

There are many, many other applications, the robot is as effective as the tool put on the end of it. Most robots have sub millimetre repeatability. Robots are typically specified by reach and payload. Robots can be mounted on tracks and gantries to greatly increase their work envelope. Robots can be used with manipulators that co-ordinate movements with the robot arm allowing complex tasks to be completed simply and repeatably. 

SCARA robots are a great entry point for companies new to robotics or indeed for experienced customers looking to automate themselves. Ideal for desktop type work such as pick and place, dispensing, marking, lab work and much more: 

SCARA type robot arms are capable of many different applications in many industries, here is a brief overview. For more information or for a demo email

Applications of SCARA robots include:

General assembly

Dispensing: glue, sealant, liquids etc

Picking and packing

Prototyping in any industry

Electronics assembly

Machine tending: loading, unloading

Quality control and inspection, repetitive testing

Plastic de-burring, de gating and trimming

Labelling, marking and identification

Personalisation of goods

Education and training

3D printing applications

Simple automation otherwise requiring complex tooling

Model making (architectural, proof of concept, advertising, cinematic)

Laboratory work

Complex milling of wood, plastics or aluminium

At Hagen Automation we have many years experience supplying robotic solutions to many different industries. We are here to help and if you are unsure if or how to automate an application then please contact us via 

We also have many contacts with specialist integrators. Their experience can save a great deal of time and money in complex and demanding applications. 

Industrial robotics is a large and rapidly expanding business with over 250,000 robots installed per year worldwide in robotic systems totalling over 50 Billion USD. In the small robot sector annual growth is forecast of 20 to 30% per year.

There are now very few industries in which robots are not used, and fewer in which they cannot be used. Productivity and efficiency through automation is key to retaining and growing manufacturing in a globally competitive marketplace. SCARA robots and associated tool heads offers the opportunity for many to automate in applications that were previously uneconomic.