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drag&bot - fast and easy robot programming software package with training

Program faster & easier

drag&bot is a fast, intuitive programming software that can be used with a wide range of industrial robot and cobot models, hardware, end effectors and grippers. The simple yet powerful drag and drop interface makes programming simpler and quicker for new and experienced users alike

Our complete package gets you up and running fast:

  • Pre installed industrial PC
  • Production software licence
  • One day remote deployment and training

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Works with your hardware:

drag&bot supports a variety of different robots, almost all grippers and force sensors and the most common image processing systems and communication interfaces.

Save valuable time when integrating grippers, cameras or PLC systems with drag&bot. With minimal effort, your hardware is connected to drag&bot and you can get started right away.

Use the hardware that suits your application best!

Turn complex tasks into simple solutions:

Use drag&bot wizards, modules, guides and component libraries to easily accomplish your task. Traditionally difficult integrations like vision and force sensing are made quick and easy. Ideal for all applications including, pick and place, assembly, screwing, riveting, soldering, machine tending and more.

10 years of development saves you time:

drag&bot invested years of effort to build the most intuitive robot programming software on the market. drag&bot is like a virtual team of experienced programmers working 24/7 for you!   

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