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Aubo i5 - 5kg payload Collaborative robot


What makes this robot special?

Collaborative robots or Cobots are industrial robots that can work alongside human co-workers without the need for additional safety systems or guarding. This type of robot is taking the manufacturing industry by storm.

Need to use a robot tended machine for a single job? No problem! 

Not only are Cobots designed to be safer than traditional robots they are also far easier to program and install, saving time and money and making them more flexible - ideal for short production runs and flexible production lines. Need a human to hop on a job for a few minutes? Cobots are safe to be with, no need for guarding and interlocks. So easy to program that, with a little training, you can do it yourself - keeping your line flexible and without the need to call an expensive engineers in.

What are the specs and what can it do?

The Aubo i5 is a full 6 axis machine with a 5kg payload, 924 mm reach and is great for machine tending and pick and place applications. It can also be fitted for applications such as gluing, screwing, marking, testing and a lot more besides - these are remarkably flexible tools. 

The Aubo i5 has ISO, CE, TUV, KCS and NRTAC certification 

Payback - will it earn it's keep? 

The Aubo i5 collaborative robot offers a substantial cost benefit over the competition without compromises in capability or safety. In fact the Aubo's advanced design makes it the best value Cobot on the market. Aubo are designed in the USA, manufactured in China and supplied via Acrovison the UK's sole distributor for Aubo. Low costs at the start, and low running costs means payback will be measured in weeks or months. 

Each Aubo setup is bespoke but costs start at around £20,000 for a simple process - a saving over 50% on many alternative solutions. 


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