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Hagen Automation Ltd

100ml Mjolnir Tools Sprayable 100% Pure Silicone Oil


We love this stuff- Slippy, hypoallergenic, odourless, colourless, more or less indestructible up to high temperatures. Water resisting, protects tools from corrosion but easily cleaned up with soap.

Silicone oil is siloxane based lubricant that is entirely synthetic, plastic and rubber friendly. The only thing you shouldn't use it for, strangely, is silicone. Because it is based on Silicone, rather than carbon like most oils it is much less reactive and so is safer for plants animals and humans. 

This spray is super low viscosity 50 Centistokes oil - coupled with a decent mechanical spray bottle it is super easy to apply without the need for propellents or drying agents. Originally selected to keep our tooling clean and lubricated it has found a lot of uses. The low viscosity means it works brilliantly for lubricating fine clockwork delicate locks and mechanisms. Being hypo allergenic makes it great for guitar strings as well as hand tools. It is also commonly used to generate cell effects in acrylic painting.  

Made and packaged in the UK

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