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Dishwasher Spanners

The salt compartment cap on dishwashers frequently get stuck fast with salt crystals. Even if you are very careful filling the salt compartment it can be very difficult to remove. Our specially designed spanners ease removal of dishwasher salt caps on Siemens, Neff, Bosch, Miele, Baumatic, Kenwood, Rangemaster and other compatible machines - We have several types of dishwasher salt spanner available.

Save time and money on an expensive call out but also a useful tool for dishwasher maintenance engineers. 3D printed from durable, eco friendly PLA - Designed and made, by us, in Bedfordshire. Named in honour of Viking God Thor’s mighty hammer Mjølnir* Tools are designed and manufactured in the UK. *Pronounce “mule-near” to sound like you studied ancient Norse or have watched some movies. (Just imagine you are warning someone of their proximity to a donkey) Please note all trade names belong to their respective owners