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Yaskawa Motoman UP20 with XRC controller on 6m track unit

£9,600.00 inc VAT
  • MIG welding setup but can be adapted to other applications
  • 1658mm reach
  • 20kg payload 
  • XRC control 
  • 6 axis robot mounted on 7th axis track
  • 7th axis track measure 6m long
  • ±0.06mm repeatability
  • Year 2003

The Motoman UP20 is a 20kg payload robot that is fast, powerful and agile. Designed for MIG welding and light handling we have two of these UP20 industrial robots paired with 6m long, 7th axis track units at £8k each. This is less than half the usual price of the track unit alone. The fact that these tracks are 7th axis means that they are integrated into the robot's control system allowing co-ordinated movement of the track and the robot. This is ideal when working on a complex and large task. Whether welding or flame treating long parts, or automating a series of machines this is a seriously useful setup. 

Price is for a cleaned tested and ready to work robot and track including control cabinet, pendant and cables. For integration into a system, or to arrange a view please get in touch via

The XRC controller is quick and intuitive to use. Especially well suited to handling and MIG welding applications they are very well regarded in the industry. The XRC has multi-tasking allowing 6 tasks to be run simultaneously and built in collision detection.

We know the service history of these robots and know they are in very good condition. With over 400,000 Yaskawa Motoman robots installed in factories around the world and an enviable reputation for reliability these robots are ready to give many more years service.  

Cleaned, fully tested and ready to work

Price EXW UK, we ship around the world

Total Mass approx 2000kg

Approx minimum footprint for install 7m x 3m 

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