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Hagen Automation Ltd

New or used Robot Palletising Cell

£36,000.00 inc VAT

A palletising cell can be used to stack or unstack things usually in bags or boxes but can also stack things like building blocks for example. Depending on budget, location, what is being palletised and cycle time we can work out the best solution for you. From a single, second hand low cost cell to a multi robot solution utilising unusual gripper types and vision. 

Of paramount importance is being able to access the cell quickly and safely when needed. Technology such as pallet magazines, conveyors, base cams, light curtains and area scanners can all be used to maximise safety and production. 

Palletising cells vary very widely in price depending on application but with a few parameters we can give you "ball park" figures so that you can see if automating makes sense, you maybe surprised at how affordable solutions can be. The right second hand, professionally refurbished industrial robots offer massive cost savings without compromising on throughput, longevity or safety. 

We work with a network of independent robot integrators and programmers that will support your system wherever in the world you need it. 

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