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Used Nachi robots - a whole lot of metal for your money!

You may have noticed in our stock list that we have a lot of used, and not so used,  Nachi industrial robots available. So why are these robots so inexpensive?

Well the first thing is that Nachi robots are very, very good. Nachi make all kinds of high precision equipment, and are possibly best known for their bearings. They put a lot of engineering know how into their robots. These robots may not look the prettiest but they are excellent at getting the job done. They were used for both handling and spot welding but can be used for a whole range of tasks - machine tending, palletising, assembly, packaging - anything that suits their reach and payload. 

Next up are the controllers, they are straightforward to use and user friendly. The teach pendants have colour screens and an intuitive layout. If you have used a industrial robot before then it won't take long to find your way around and if you haven't then a Nachi is a good place to learn. 

Ok, so why are they such good value? Because we sourced them well! They came from a plant in the UK where they were all working until recently and so we knew they are in good condition. We plug them in and power them up before shipping so you know you will get good robots that are ready to work. Because we bought the whole lot we were able to get a super low price that we can now pass on to our customers.

We are expecting them to go fast so if you have a project where you couldn't quite justify investing in a robot now is the time to grab yourself a great machine at a superb price. 

Nachi Used industrial robot

Nachi industrial robots

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