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Refurbished robots - an established alternative

Industrial robots are rugged machines. In a car factory they will be expected to work for many years, with minimal maintenance, keeping to a high level of accuracy. The engineering involved to do this can be very expensive, but given the high levels of change in the automotive industry ex car factory robots can be bought for a fraction of their original cost. 

Used robots are widely available with many being reused by OEM's and indeed the automotive companies themselves. There are a good number of secondhand robot traders out there and a variety of machines on auction sites. 

But beware, many a bargain hunter has come unstuck buying a used robot. Is the robot complete? Was anything damaged? Was it cared for and serviced correctly? Can you get spares? Training? Manuals? Software? Some used robots will still be working in 30 years time while others should have been sent to the scrapyard years ago.  

Luckily we have quite a lot of experience in this department! We supply good, tested, refurbished used machines with full spares and service backup with a huge saving over a new machine. Take the risk out of buying a refurbished robot and  Contact us to find out more

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